oopSee turns training and lessons into games, giving you more time and more privacy to experiment with developing new skills on the court, on the floor, in the yard or in the field. 


Users just need a hands-free device and a smart phone to let our easy voice interface step them through games and drills designed to encourage discovery,  skill development and the flow required for competition and challenging circumstances.  As users follow the voice directions of our content through specific games and learning exercises,  we prompt them to answer our questions about their results via voice interface. These details help us turn training into gaming, and gaming back into training.

We grab more data when users  plug in apps from wearables and interact with our content.  Because our content sets the scene and orchestrates the user's actions within the scene, the data we collect from user wearables and user voice responses is meaningful and actionable. This makes our suggestions individualized and more effective as we inform users of their ongoing progress, planning options and training scenarios.

 oopSee aims to help users embrace a process-based training approach. We want to help users transform boring repetition into engaging, process immersion. By giving users access to best practices training in the context of games designed to blend skill building with flow-state performance,  users learn to more effectively adapt to variables and perform near their potential more dependably.

The best practices training methods contained in our content are based on concepts universal to most sports, especially the "stick and ball," as well as the "throw and catch" sports. 

Visual media is synched to the stages of oopSee practice games and learning exercises. Our social features will offer real-life, real-time gaming against remote opponents, as well as video sharing comprehensive analysis of statistics versus other players at various levels of skill development.  Here is a screenshot charting the dispersement of a golfer's shots as a result of the golfer's voice input at the practice range. A user would also hear the text shown on the screen. This screenshot also references two user plugins. One is for the Head Stillness App that got us to the Finals of the 2015 Plantronics App Innovation Contest. The other is for a video comparison, review and sharing app.

OOPSEE UX - Round 4.020.png



Below, watch behind the scenes video our golf tester interacting with oopSee during testing in our recent adventure making it to the the Finals of the 2015 Plantronics App Innovation Contest. In this video and in the Plantronics contest, we demonstrated how a third party app for wearable sensors would plug into oopSee. The  app we built references head-orientation sensors embedded in the Plantronics hands-free device with the sound of contact between club and ball to tell a golfer whether or not they kept their eyes on the ball until contact.  Our golf tester is also seen reporting data about his shot's distance and direction via voice. It was very exciting for us to make it to The Finals of this international contest hosted by the  company that built the hands-free communication that the Apollo astronauts used on the moon almost fifty years ago!



For our upcoming, free beta tests, we are seeking all levels of tennis, golf, baseball, soccer, football and volleyball players.  Sign up at the bottom of this page and we will get you involved.

Getting repetition-based practice becomes more fun and more focused with oopSee. Plus, your results can be reviewed and future plans made based on the clear evidence oopSee highlights in your reports.

- Scott Braymer, oopSee Founder
I was learning new things one after the other the first time I helped the oopSee team demo their technology on the golf range.

- Dr. John Walther
Like the name says, we learn from our mistakes. In that way, oopSee is built on the idea that trial and error is fundamental to all types of skill development.

- Arthur Mrozowski, serial entrepreneur
In the future, this will be a game changer for keeping classes & corporate teams benefitting from individualized attention during all kinds of training, from sports & performing arts to industrial training & DIY tasks.

- Michael Mitchell, Ph.D, oopSee Advisor